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Your practical approach to creating positive change with NLP & Hypnosis skills.

This programme is:

To learn NLP, Hypnosis, Hypnotic Language skills and a structure to utilise for sessions with clients/for yourself and to develop those skills conversationally, in all areas of your life. Incorporating skills of Hypnosis, NLP and Design Human Engineering within proven structures, that result in a successful client session (or sessions).


What is the format of this training?

This training programme is delivered live and online, over 9 weeks. Eight separate modules of study that layer upon one another, constructing a solid foundation of learning, skills and practice that you will be able to employ with clients immediately and the tools to be in control of your own ongoing development.


Your Fusion online training is limited to 10 current participants per training to ensure quality of training is maintained.


Each weekly module is 2.5 hours, with a short refreshment break included.


Week 5 is a revision and overview week.  An opportunity to interact with the trainer to ensure you are exceeding the level of competence required, to successfully complete the course of study.


Each module requires approximately 2 hours (minimum standard) of practice required outside of the live module times, which can be completed as self study or in study pairs/groups with other participants. 


Testing: Each student will be assessed during the training sessions and at the task set at week 5 will be assessed at Module 8 for certification.


During this training you learn;


·       A foundation of Hypnosis & NLP skills and the structure to use them effectively.

·       The synergy of NLP & Hypnosis for powerful results

·       How to construct experiences in hypnosis for your client

·       Hypnotic language in natural conversation

·       How to use the skills for yourself

·       Using language (verbal, non-verbal & para-verbal) naturally & successfully

·       Using metaphors in trance and strategies to enhance them

·       Applications of hypnosis & NLP

·       A toolkit and roadmap to enhance your skills, long after this training


The result:

As the course proceeds you will be able to incorporate each module’s learning into your current work and include direct hypnotic experiences for your clients, enhancing what you already do or providing you with a clear structure to use with new clients.


On completion of the required study and demonstration of competence, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.


Following completion, you will have:


·       Your certificate proving competence

·       Ongoing access to support via weekly online meet ups

·       Recordings supplied during the programme

·       Your workbook from the programme for revision

·       Continuing access to the Fusion WhatsApp group 


Location:       Online via zoom

Date:              11th September 2021 – 06th November 2021                  

Investment: £1,000.00


Licensed Practitioner of NLP

You can become a Licensed Practitioner of NLP


Experience the power of being an agent for change.  During this 8 day learning adventure Orlando will direct every ounce of his extensive NLP and Hypnotic skill to teach you in ways that make learning fast, fun and highly effective.


NLP is not an intellectual pursuit steeped in finding out why things are the way they are, the true test is all in the doing, can you get the result? By the end of your practitioner training you will be competent in skills including:

  • – Eliciting clear goals and building strategies to attain them
  • – Multiple forms of anchoring
  • – Verbal and non-verbal forms of communication
  • – Recognition of language patterns from the Meta Model and Milton Model and how to make use of them
  • – Eliciting states of excellence from others and yourself
  • – Capable of accessing those resourceful states at will
  • – Utilising timelines and temporal language
  • – and much much more.


“NLP is an Attitude, skills and methodologies, that leave behind a trail of techniques.” 

Dr Richard Bandler.    


This practitioner training is limited to 10 delegates to ensure quality of attention is given to each participant, as you learn and practice skills that you will take for the rest of your life.  


Orlando is committed to providing you with the tools you may need, so you can take your skills beyond the training room. On successful completion you will receive:


– Your certificate as NLP Practitioner co-signed by Dr Richard Bandler Co-Creator of NLP and John LaValle, President of the Society of NLP.

– Audio downloads to reinforce learning

– A written manual that has clear instructions for practicing techniques and  skill drills to continue building your skills

– 3 x Monthly zoom support group where you can field questions once back “home” from training


Location: Waterloo London

Date:  Training dates have now been postponed.


Simply click below and register today to confirm your place on this wonderful adventure of learning and feel free to call/email at the link below for any further information you may req

Stress & Anxiety
Learn to switch off and take a break

NLP Strategies that work to take back control from stress and anxiety!


Your one day (7 hours includes 1 hour for lunch) workshop to learn how you can take back control of your life, from Stress and Anxiety.

Stress and Anxiety continue to headline around the world and here in the UK as a leading problem in poor mental health and wellbeing.  Almost one quarter of the population will suffer from an anxiety disorder at some point during their lives…so what can you do….if this affects you?

Orlando successfully works with individuals and groups in New Zealand, Australia, America and here in the UK, educating people how they are doing anxiety/stress within their mind and their body, at the conscious and unconscious levels, proving in your experience HOW you are doing these processes. Once you learn how, in this amazingly powerful short course, you will then learn how you can take control of your mind and body, so you can live free from the chains of stress and anxiety, for the rest of your life!

Click below to register now, or to request a FREE 20 minute telephone consultation.

Location: Dorset | London

Date: TBA 2021

Investment: TBA

Reprogramming for Confidence

Build confidence and resilience!

This generation have more to deal with day to day than ever before in history.  Social media has been a pre-cursor to illuminating expectations real or imagined in overwhelming new ways, so if you are, or have a young person in your life, that is struggling to take control…what can you do about it?



Take action and contact us today, this 4 hour programme gives young people to opportunity to experience and learn, how does our brain and our thinking work to influence the way we feel and therefore what we are capable of? Through this experience all participants will learn how they can influence themselves, be in control, stay in control and excel as the best version of themselves.


These skills are not new, but they have not been so easily available, Orlando is committed to passing on the skills he has learnt, that would have been valuable in his own younger years. To book your place or for more information,  click below.  


Parents/Carers and potential participants, are also welcome to click below to book your free 20 consultation to answer any questions you may have.


Location: Dorset

Date:TBA 2021

Investment: TBA