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Mental Skills Coaching

Create the life you want through the changes you can make!

To create the body you want takes training, dedication and a clear direction – train your brain to create the life you want, and you may just create more than you ever imagined.

If we knew what we needed, to get what we wanted, then we would already have it.  A shift in perspective may be all it takes to create pervasive change in your life. So how do you gain a different perspective when the one you have….is the one you have?

Utilising a skill set including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Design Human Engineering and coaching, Orlando will invest the first part of your coaching session clearly identifying what you want to achieve from the sessions in ways that you may not have been aware of before.  Once your direction is set, it is all about honing your mind with a laser focus towards what you want to achieve, how you will achieve it and what you may need to gain to be able to create the changes you desire.

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Single session: £150.00 (90 Minute session)

3 session package: £400.00 (Initial session 90 minutes, thereafter 60 minutes)

6 session package £750.00 (Initial session 90 minutes, thereafter 60 minutes)

In person private coaching:  Pricing available on request and is variable by location.



What else would change for you, once you have control and relief from Stress /anxiety?

In all areas of our lives there are increasing pressures to perform and for many, the mechanisms for how to cope with these increased pressures, are just unknown.

Events, meetings, public speaking engagements, exams, driving tests, children…the list goes on of the things in our lives that can cause us increased levels of stress and anxiety… its what we can or cannot do in those moments of stress/anxiety, that determines what you can do next.

If you suffer from stress and/or anxiety in ways that impact on your ability to freely live your life, there is help available now.

With Orlando, you will learn how you mentally and physiologically engage in stress and anxiety, and then how you can literally take control and turn those feelings around, to enter a calmer more resourceful state to take action, or not, whichever is right for you.

Bruxism/Teeth grinding/clenching

Around 70% of Bruxism cases are stress related.

Reduce unconscious stress and anxiety, reduce symptoms.  It all seems too simple for those that suffer from Burxism, teeth grinding, clenching, jaw discomfort and pain, but what if you can take advantage of NLP & Hypnotherapy and learn to reduce unconscious stress and anxiety?

Although there have been many other treatments proposed over the years to decrease the level of bruxism, the only proven treatments are mandibular advancement devices, hypnosis and occlusal splints”

Contact Orlando today and find out how you can take control of the way you think consciously and unconsciously, the results may astound you and simply change your life.

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IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

In the UK and around the world, IBS sufferers are benefiting from Hypnotherapy, now is your opportunity to join them.

In the UK, 10-20% of people suffer from some form of IBS, these statistics are just those that have received a medical diagnosis, these figures do not include those that have not been to a doctor due to fear, embarrassment or an old un-useful attitude of “just need to get over it”
“Change your lifestyle”, “these pills might help” , commonly heard by IBS sufferers, and all very well for someone who is not experiencing the stress and upset of living with IBS as a daily companion.
A study by Monash University, Australia, released June 2019 reported that “…70% of those surveyed responded positively to the hypnotherapy, and there was a significant improvement in their overall and individual gut symptoms…”
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Nail Biting NO MORE

How are you going to feel as your nails grow strong?


You may be like the lady pictured to the left, for whom nail biting had been part of her life since her teenage years, and without hope she continued as an adult, this image was taken 3 months after a single session with Orlando.


For MEN and WOMEN the personal change patterns I teach to enable you to become free from nail biting, most frequently following your first session, reinforced and generalised at their second/final session, so you can take your success across to other areas of your life, “if this has changed, what else is now possible?” 


Take the first step to becoming free from this habit, simply click below and begin to live your life of freedom and enjoyment, with a result you can look down and be proud of, for the rest of your life.


Past Trauma
Steps to a better future

Is your past controlling what your future could be?

 Still suffering from something that happened in your past? Something that continues to “haunt” you?
Clients who suffer from past traumas report they “would stop living in the past, live now and look forward the the future” if they just knew how.
These sessions are very interactive for you to learn how you are doing the thinking that is keeping you “stuck” so we can make changes to your thinking, to change the way you feel about the past and file the past where it belongs…in the past.  “The best thing about the past, is it’s over” Dr Richard Bandler, learning how to look back on the past and not be affected now by it, is an incredibly powerful tool and you will be surprised how quickly you can learn to do it for yourself.  Learning is reinforced with hypnotherapy to ensure the changes you desire are on a conscious and an unconscious level, so you can get on with the rest of your life.

Click below and learn how you can learn to drive your own bus, into the future you desire.


Spelling made EASY!

Blog Image 03

You can learn to spell quickly…..and enjoy it!!!

Dr Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP and the creative genius behind DHE & NHR visited a spelling bee decades ago and learnt from a 12 year old girl, HOW she learnt and recalled spelling of words that enabled her to consistently win spelling bees.  Not surprisingly, she “made it look easy”, well, she had an easier way to remember and recall words than most of us are taught.  

His work has been continued by Kate Benson, Director of Education for the Society of NLP and co-author (with Dr Bandler) of Teaching Excellence. 

Orlando brings within his toolkit, the ability to teach you HOW to spell, so simply you will enjoy learning the NLP strategy for how to spell, within a single session and take with you the skill, for the rest of your life.

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How else can Hypnotherapy and/or
NLP benefit you?

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In addition to the services above, Orlando also assist clients with the following,  to find out how Hypnotherapy and NLP can benefit you, simply click below and lets find out what works for you!

  • Addictions
  • Coaching (Business/Personal/Sports Performance Enhancement)
  • Depression
  • Fears
  • Fertility/Hypnobirthing
  • Hair Pulling (trichotillomania)
  • Pain Management/alleviation
  • Personal Change/Goal setting 
  • Phobias
  • Public Speaking
  • Skin conditions
  • Sleep related problems
  • Stop Smoking
  • Weight Loss

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