About Orlando

Throughout the past 20+ years including Corporate Sales, the motor industry and successful small business ownership, Orlando has consistently built on the skills from his first NLP Practitioner Training in Auckland, New Zealand in 1997.

As a Licensed NLP Coaching Trainer, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and Design Human Engineer, Orlando is committed to teaching and learning. When not in a training room or online coaching, Orlando enjoys seeing private clients Online and face to face in London and Christchurch, Dorset. His direct, passionate and results driven approach, is welcomed by clients of all ages, who want to make changes for good.




“Seeing people grow, as they learn new skills to make their lives better, skills they take and teach to their children, partners, work colleagues, fellow students…. it just makes me burn for more!!!  I have been fortunate in my life to have had people around me that believed in me, even when I did not. Now I have the opportunity to be that for others and have the skills to teach them how they can believe in themselves and create change!”




Orlando’s love of travel and learning has brought him across the globe.  From New Zealand to America to Europe and now residing England. Whether leading a course, assisting other trainers and practitioners, with private clients, volunteering at MacMillan Cancer Support Trust, even when taking a break with friends, his desire to teach, learn with and inspire others is obvious to all that meet him.


To find out how fast and effective change can be, here are two different ladies from very different backgrounds giving their impression.